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Kaleidoscope of colours

By Bride and Groom 19 November 2018

Colours have the power to set a mood for a wedding and to showcase the individuality of the couple.

To guide you in these decisions, below are some great sources of inspiration to start with.

Be inspired by the seasons

From the auburn leaves and vibrant sunsets of autumn, to the pretty pastels of spring blooms, to the white-hot summer sun and turquoise waters - Mother Nature provides plenty of colour inspiration for a wedding.

Keeping with the hues of the season is one great option to ensure your wedding colour scheme sings.

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Look to what you love

Take a look at your wardrobe and your home, to figure out which colours you love most.  

A colour that you regularly wear may be a great option for the bouquet, as you know it will flatter your overall look.

By the same token, you may have paired together certain colour combinations in the home which can be used as inspiration for pairings within the bridal party – IE navy for the suits and mauve for the dresses.

Set a mood

When your guests arrive at the wedding, there should be a certain feeling created at the venue.

This could be relaxed and cheerful, formal and elegant, or bohemian and free-spirited – among many other moods.

Think about which colours can best achieve your chosen mood: with pastels and bright pops of colour ideal for the first, metallic and deep reds for the second, and a mixture of bright and nature-inspired hues for the third.

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Study a colour wheel

If there is a key colour you are set on but you are struggling to match everything with it, grab out the good old fashioned colour wheel.  

Look to the complimentary colours, located opposite each other on the wheel, to help guide you.

Keep it simple

Overthinking your colour scheme can make it feel like mission impossible.

Make some colour decisions and stick to them – but if there are a few deviations here and there, remember, these add character and personalisation.

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