Choosing your ring

By Bride and Groom 14 July 2016

Your wedding ring is a lasting keepsake of your special day, so it’s important you choose the right design and style for you — and that goes for the men too. From the traditional plain wedding band to the stone set designs, you should choose a ring that suits your personality.

For the women particularly, Deniliquin Jewellers manager Kate Smith says it’s also wise to choose one that suits your engagement ring. ‘‘We’ve had some brides who thought they had selected their ideal wedding band, but it just did not look right with their engagement ring,’’ she said. ‘‘With a lot of couples now also choosing to design their own engagement rings — so they have something unique and special — it can take some time to find a band that does not detract from it. ‘‘It’s always best to pop into the store, try on a few designs and then choose the one that best suits you and is comfortable. ‘‘To make the process easier, there are beautiful ring sets that include both the engagement ring and wedding band.’’

Mrs Smith says plain wedding bands are still a popular choice with most brides, as they do not compete with the beauty of the engagement ring. She says couples are also opting to select matching men’s and women’s bands. Deniliquin Jewellers sources its engagement and wedding rings from two Australian suppliers, which Mrs Smith says ensures brides and their grooms are getting a quality product. With jewelry delivery taking anywhere between one and four weeks, depending on the style, she says it’s important to start planning your rings well before the big day.

What does your ring say?

Agate: courage, eloquence, longevity, virtue and wealth

Amethyst: deep love, happiness, peace, sincerity and wealth

Aquamarine: constancy, harmony, health, hope and youth Coral: attachment

Emerald: hope, love, peace and tranquility

Garnet: constancy, faith, loyalty and strength

Jade: harmony, longevity, purity and strength

Onyx: clarity and dignity

Opal: confidence, happiness, hope, innocence & tender love

Pearl: beauty, faithfulness, humility, innocence, integrity, wisdom and wealth

Peridot: happiness

Ruby: beauty, charity, happiness, love and passion

Sapphire: constancy, hope, innocence, sincerity and virtue

Topaz: eager love, fidelity, friendship, gentleness and integrity

Tourmaline: courage, generosity and thoughtfulness

Turquoise: happiness, health, hope, prosperity and success

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