To theme or not to theme?

By Bride and Groom 21 June 2016

An elegant high tea is a time-honoured theme for a bridal shower or a demure twist for a low-key hens'party. Vintage china, delicious cakes and a gathering of females closest to the bride is a fun way for guests of all ages to share the pre-wedding excitement. 

A high tea can be kept simple and elegant, or incorporate a theme. Themes could include: 

• Colours or styling that tie into the wedding. 

• A theme that relates to the bride — perhaps something to do with her occupation, hobbies or lifestyle interests. 

• Shabby chic — think ruffles, bunting, lace and ribbons. 

• Floral — decorate high-society style, or hang flowers in jars from trees, and allow guests to take bunches of flowers home as gifts. The floral styling can be pretty, classic, or focus on the bride’s favourite flower. The options are endless. 

• The bride’s favourite charity. Centre the theme around the charity and support the cause by buying some of their fundraising items for decor, favours, game supplies and prizes. 

• Bring the outdoors indoors — bring in potted plants and an outdoor seat for an atrium-themed setting.

 • Silverware, matching or mis-matched china, teapots and tablecloths all add to the sense of occasion. 

• Teas of the world — think hot tea, iced tea, flavoured teas, and tea hampers as prizes for games or gifts for the guests.

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