Food for all occasions

By Bride and Groom 21 June 2016

The catering for a wedding provides so much more than a tasty morsel. Food has the capacity to reflect many things about a couple, including their culture, traditions and personal style. The four most popular catering styles for weddings are: 

SEATED: The most traditional of all catering styles, sit-down dinners are served by wait staff. They feature pre-selected alternate or identical three course meals for each guest. This style of catering allows guests to sit down and enjoy a meal together before hitting the dance floor. Remember to ask your guests about any dietary requirements to ensure they have a separate meal from the ones you have chosen.  

COCKTAIL: Best suited for laid-back weddings, canapés are distributed on trays by wait staff throughout the night. This style complements intimate and informal functions, allowing more time for social interaction and dancing. Keep in mind the amount of alcohol likely to be consumed when deciding on canape numbers. Caterers suggest having between 25 and 30 canapés prepared per guest and a wide variety of cuisine.  

BUFFET: This catering style is one of the cheapest, due to fewer wait staff needed to distribute food. Buffets are self-serving or dished out by a few wait staff, featuring a variety of food choices for guests to load their plate with. This allows guests to choose foods to their liking, but may result in food wastage due to the popularity of some dishes. It is suggested to have two buffets in your venue to reduce the waiting time for guests.  

BANQUET: Rising in popularity is the shared meal option, where guests sit at long tables with a variety of dishes spread in the middle. Guests can help themselves to the food and share a meal “family style”. Most couples tend to forgo a seating plan, allowing guests to find their own seats among the crowd. This style is suitable for couples seeking a loud and social wedding reception and is becoming more popular in rustic-themed weddings. Banquets can infringe on centerpiece space, so try keeping it simple with flowers or tea lights. 

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