Visual memories for guests

By Bride and Groom 21 June 2016

Wedding guests are taking home their own visual memories due to the rising popularity of photo booths. This growing trend highlights the need for people to have their own photographs of their loved ones’ special day. There are a couple of options when it comes to hiring a photo booth for your event, and the selection depends entirely on what kind of atmosphere you want to create for your guests A traditional photo booth is a small, enclosed space which allows guests to let their true colours shine through in the photographs — without onlookers. 

Most traditional photo booths accommodate one to two people and come with filter options, theme selection and additional stickers such as frames. At the other end of the spectrum are open photo booths: a large space with a decorative backdrop either manned by a photographer or a free-standing strip-photo machine. This option can accommodate either a small or large group of people, depending on how close you place the background to the photo machine or photographer. Different props are provided for guests to use, which brings out the silliest of poses. The props can be chosen to suit a particular wedding style, such as straw hats for a rustic wedding, or crowns and tiaras for a modern wedding. Most photo booth companies offer room for customisation, with many allowing the couple to apply a logo to the photo strips printed during the event. 

The bride and groom can relive their guests’ experiences through a memento book. This book allows wedding guests to share some of their photo strips and written messages during the event. Most photo booth companies will offer a USB with all the photos taken during the night, so you can enjoy your guests’ picture-perfect poses for years to come.

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