Capturing the big day

By Bride and Groom 20 June 2016

Choosing a videographer to capture the perfect moments on your wedding day can be a daunting task. Shepparton-born Diana Fisk runs videography business Filmbird, which sees her spending about one weekend a month filming weddings in the Goulburn Valley. Bride and Groom asked Diana for some tips on choosing a videographer and what to expect on the big day. 

Q. Why do people choose to have their wedding day filmed? 
A. For most people photography seems to be their first priority, but people who hire videographers want to capture all the in-between moments. Videographers are there capturing the whole day and things the couple may not even see. 
Q. What should couples look for in a videographer? 
A. Someone who matches their style as people. There will be couples who don’t want anyone to get too personal. I try to portray the couple and who they are; I don’t just want to capture the cake, the dress and the first dance. 
Q. What makes a good videographer?
A. We like to think if a couple don’t notice us during the wedding day then we’ve succeeded. People tend to shut down a little when there’s a camera in their face so we like to sit back and capture from afar. We would rather just let things grow and capture things naturally. 
Q. What are some dos and do nots for hiring a videographer? 
A. Couples should definitely try to meet the videographer prior to the wedding day because I’ve seen some who haven’t met and there’s been a massive clash of personalities. The last thing you want is to regret hiring them. 
Q. How about dos and do nots for the videographer? 
A. The worst one for me is standing right up the front in the middle of the aisle during the ceremony, because it takes away from the couple. 
Q. Are there any etiquette expectations for guests? 
A. Just be aware there are professionals there on the day. It’s fine to take photos and videos if that is what you want to do. The worst thing for me would be to set up filming for the ceremony and someone to come and stand in front of me while I’m filming. 
Q. What goes into editing the footage together? 
A. That’s my favourite part. On the wedding day you tend to get footage you didn’t even know you had and you find it in the editing process. You can bring it all together and you can create something beautiful for them.

Diana's top three tips for the big day are:

1. Meet with your videographer prior to the day and have a good understanding of what you expect.

2. Communicate with your videographer about what’s going to happen on the day and in the week leading up to it so they know what you want to have captured.

3. Make sure the videographer has all the contacts they need on the day so they can organise the sound and contact the MC.

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