Five tips for wedding day perfection

By Bride and Groom 17 June 2016

The finer details of your big day can be just as important in creating the look you want as finding the perfect dress. Here are five pearls of wedding day beauty wisdom to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. 

1. The spring and summer seasons are popular times for tying the knot, particularly in whimsical outdoor garden ceremonies. However, with flowers in full bloom it can be a difficult time for hay fever sufferers. To avoid blotchy skin, itchy eyes, streaming noses and violent sneezing, speak to your general practitioner in advance and ensure you are prepared on the day with the necessary medication on hand if needed — but check it is a nondrowsy solution! 

2. If you want glowing sun-kissed skin on your big day but weren’t blessed with the bronzed complexion of Jennifer Lopez, then fake tan is your new best friend. Book an appointment with a reputable beauty salon two weeks before your big day to trial the colour. If you are happy with the result, book an appointment with the same consultant for two days before your wedding. Every salon is different — some tan formulas take eight hours to develop while others take as little as two — so ensure you ask for preparation and after-care tips for a terrific tan. 

3. Proper eyebrow shaping is key to a polished look, so get your eyebrows groomed by a professional. As with everything wedding related, preparation is paramount. Ask around to find a salon with a good reputation, and book an appointment to trial the result well in advance of the wedding. This is not the kind of thing to be left to the last minute, such as the day before the wedding, as you will risk red or bumpy-looking skin on your big day. 

4. Let’s face it, you wait your whole life for this one day, so you can bet there will be tears. Avoid black track marks by selecting waterproof mascara. If you are not a fan of this solution, you could also consider individually applied false lashes for added length, fullness and definition. However, beware this solution can cause damage to your natural lashes. Remember to have tissues on hand on the day but always dab — don’t wipe — as this may remove your base. 

5. Your wedding day fragrance should be special, so take the time to shop for a scent that will evoke the memories of your special day for years to come. Remember to trial it on your skin, because scents can smell different on the tester card, and to ensure you can wear it without a skin reaction. If possible choose a fragrance with a high concentration — such as an eau de parfum — because this will last longer throughout the day.

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